Investment Club Daos
For Honest Blockchain Projects.

Become An Effective Investor.

SwiftDao Principles

Fraud Resistance

Fraud resistance is baked into the core of every SwiftDao. With over 95% of blockchain projects failing and project managers missappropriating funds, all blockchain investors take caution.

The Investment Club structure for SwiftDao makes every investor into a manager, solving the principal-agent problem. You can trust your investment is in safe hands - your own.

Social Investing

Informed groups are wiser than individuals. Investment clubs have historically provided huge value to investors by connecting them with other effective investors.

When you join a SwiftDao, you get access to an exclusive community focused completely on the specific mission with access to educational materials, active chatrooms, and even events.

Capital Growth

Standardization is the secret ingredient making SwiftDaos tick. With every blockchain project setting its own metrics, picking winners has been more of a gamble than a science.

Standardized financial reports published monthly make it easy to exactly compare the performace of SwiftDaos. Grow your capital with investment choices powered by knowledge.

Reduced Overhead

Market based economies always beat planned ones. Yet most firms are centralized. Transactional costs associated with markets prevent efficient allocation of resources, creating firms.

SwiftDaos allow members to cooperate with almost no costs. Contractors are hired directly by the SwiftDao without any middle management, HR department, or any administers.

SwiftDao Features

Ethereum Smart Contract

Every SwiftDao has its own unique ethereum smart contract, making SwiftDaos fully and truly decentralized.

Stablecoin Valuation

All SwiftDao membership tokens are traded against Dai. This stablecoin is worth $1, making valuation simple.

Social Integration

SwiftDao smart contracts integrate with social apps like Discord.gg, including moderator elections by the community.

Multiunit Dutch Auction

Membership tokens are exchanged in a monthly auction modeled on the US Treasury bond auction.

Automated Exit

Members who miss more than 1 vote in the last 6 monthly proposal periods automatically sell their membership.

Investment Club Legal Structure

SwiftDaos are not regulated by the SEC. All investors in a SwiftDao are active members - inactive members exit.

Technology Licensing

With fees of 0.1% only on token purchase, SwiftDao fees are lower than index funds, meaning investors keep more money.

Open Platform

Anyone can create a new SwiftDao with $30, mission statement, and statement of purpose.

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